The following two links are of Lewis Dana Zeidler singing "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes" and "Ah! Moon of My Delight."   They are streaming mp3 files. These were recorded using a simple microphone hooked to my computer and played on a Victrola XI fitted with a Majestic Adaptor using an Exhibition reproducer (see picture below).  Sound quality is not that great but I wanted to use the Majestic Adaptor to play back a couple Majestic records and record them.  When I get a modern turntable set up and wired for vertical recordings I'll put more files up.   Enjoy...
Majestic 116B, Lewis Dana Zeidler, "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes"
Majestic Recordings
Majestic 121B, Lewis Dana Zeidler, "Ah! Moon of My Delight"
Lewis Dana Zeidler Bio
Majestic Adaptor

Information and images compiled by:  Glenn Longwell


Majestic 110-A Kangaroo Hop by Fred Van Eps
Majestic 110-B Cohen At The Telephone by George L. Thompson
Thanks to the efforts of Robert Wright the following two files are of Majestic 110.  Both required some work to get in presentable condition but the work was minimal and, in no way, a full restoration of the files.  The biggest downfall to overcome was a needle dig on Van Eps side that required some nifty reconstruction.