Majestic Adaptor

Thanks to Bob Weber I now own a Majestic Adaptor.  When found this adaptor was being used on a Victor VI tonearm.  The first five images are from Bob.  Because of the small size and curvature of the adaptor it can only handle an Exhibition reproducer, which is about 2" in diameter.  The Victrola #2 reproducer is too large.  It is also interesting to note that this adaptor would only work on a Victor tonearm.  The July 1916 ad in Talking Machine World states "The Majestic Adaptor is a simple attachment which enables any phonograph to play all records."  The cost was 50 cents.  The only other three ads to mention the adaptor, September, October and November changed the wording to "The Majestic Adaptor is a universal attachment which, by a simple turn of the soundbox, enables you to play any style record."  Based on the July ad one wonders whether there was more than one attachment being sold to fit other phonographs.  If they did it's likely that one was made for Columbia tonearms as Columbia and Victor were the two most popular phonographs for lateral cut records.  Edison was already vertical cut and had a completely different style of reproducer.  Many other producers like Brunswick and Sonora supplied their own methods of playing both style records.

While we will likely never know the number of these produced there is some evidence for the period of October and November of 1916. The deposition of Walter Frederick, bookkeeper for Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. provided in the court case of Majestic Record Corporation vs. Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. shows the following amounts ordered by Majestic Record Corporation.  These amounts were sold to jobbers and dealers so no telling how many made it into the public's hands.

Interestingly, although the documents show record sales information for December 1916 there is no mention of adaptors.  So either this was omitted or no additional orders were taken for the adaptors.

Does anyone out there have a Majestic adaptor, either like this one for Victor or a different style?  If so I'd like to hear from you at the email listed below.  Thanks.

Set up for lateral records
Set up for vertical records such as a Majestic record
The following two images I took to show the logo, which is stamped in two locations on the adaptor.
This is the better logo of the two and shows the same font as used on the records.
The logo on the opposite is barely legible and so was difficult to get a good picture that showed it.

Information and images compiled by: Glenn Longwell

From the July 1916 ad in the Talking Machine World Magazine
From the September 1916 ad in the Talking Machine World Magazine