Lewis Dana Zeidler Sr.
Lewis circa 1912 and age is probably early 20's. Picture taken at Fulton Art Studio, Brooklyn, New York City

Lewis Dana Zeidler, Sr., a classically trained tenor, grew up and raised a family in the greater New York City area.  He recorded 3 records that appear on the Majestic label.  They are:

116B – Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
121B – Ah! Moon of My Delight (from “In the Persian Garden”)
132A – Because
These appear to be the only three sides Lewis recorded in his career. The three records were released November/December 1916 on Majestic.  No recording dates are known for any Majestic records as no ledgers are known to survive.  I have seen no other titles by him on any other label.  It is now believed that Majestic did at least some recording themselves and having an artist only appear on their label would suggest that they did have their own recording studio.  If you know of any other Zeidler records please let me know.
Besides these recordings Lewis had performed at the New York Metropolitan Opera, The Apollo club and sung on radio.  Lewis also sang with Enrico Caruso and was given a $2 gold coin by the famous tenor for singing with him.  Ultimately Lewis became a salesman to support the family.
Thanks to Dana Lewis Zeidler for providing the picture and personal information regarding Lewis Dana Zeidler Sr., his grandfather.
Information and images compiled by:  Glenn Longwell

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