Suggested Links
An excellent site dedicated to Little Wonder records and Harper-Columbia Bubble Books.
A wealth of books and articles related to recorded music.  A specific book referred to a couple times on my site is the
American Record Labels and Companies An Encyclopedia (1891-1943)

Information and images compiled by: Glenn Longwell


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The Online Discographical Project
A site dedicated to 78 rpm discographies for a large number of companies
If you collect children's records or would like to get any information about them this site is very helpful and the book by Peter Muldavin is an excellent resource for anyone interested in this subject.
There are two antique Phonograph Societies that I recommend to people interested in phonographs and 78rpm records.  While they are more geared towards the phonographs they both provide an excellent publication about the hobby.  Click on the links below to learn more about them.  I belong to both of them.
Antique Phonograph Society (Formerly CAPS)
Michigan Antique Phonograph Society (MAPS)