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The Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. (name used on most of the labels) and the Majestic Record Corporation were two companies involved in the manufacture and sale of 7" and 9.25" etched label, vertical cut 78rpm records in 1916 and 1917.  Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. (incorporated in New York in November of 1915) was the manufacturer of the records and Majestic Record Corporation (incorporated in New York in September 1916) was the exclusive sales agent in the U.S., Canada and Hawaii from October 5, 1916 into early January 1917.  The earliest evidence of record manufacturing was approximately May, 1916 although it could have been sooner.  Their first advertisement to the trade shows that records were available in July, 1916.  The first announcement of titles, however, wasn't until November, 1916.  The two companies parted ways in January 1917 and it would appear Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. continued to sell on their own.  To learn about the history of this company click on the History link above. To learn more about the records click on the Discography link.

I am currently doing research on this record label and if you have any additional information or if you find any errors please let me know.  I am interested in the records, catalogs, people involved in the company, other companies they had distribution agreements with, the "Majestic Adaptor" and any other pertinent information about the history of Majestic.  I am especially interested to hear from anyone who has records, even if you are not interested in selling them, as I want to determine if all records that were advertised were actually released or if there were additional releases I am unaware of.  I am interested to buy or trade for anything related to this company.  If you can provide scans of something you do not wish to part with I would greatly appreciate it and give the appropriate credit on the site.  Thanks. You may contact me at

Close up of 7" etched label record
Example of 7" etched label record with sleeve

Information and images compiled by:  Glenn Longwell



Other side of sleeve
and the
Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc.
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