Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. / Majestic Record Corporation
There are four known label varieties in terms of artwork and the wording under the name Majestic. The numbering scheme is my own.  However, there is some general trend to show that perhaps this is also the chronological order in which they used these designs. 
Label Type 1.  Uses the "Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc." name as well as the price of 25c. This type is only found on the 7" record.
Label Type 2. Similar to Label type 1 except it drops the 25c and it's a different variation of eagle.  Examples so far have only been on 7" records.
Label Type 3.  Instead of the company name it simply says "RECORD."  This is likely a result of the agreement between Majestic Phono and Majestic Record (see history). It also drops the 3 bands on each side coming from the wings and has a 3rd variation on the eagle design.  Used on both 7" and 9.25" records.
Label Type 4.  Same eagle design and wording as label 2 except it drops the 3 bands on each side.  Examples have only been seen on the 9.25" records.
The following discography was pulled directly from the record bulletin announcements in "The Talking Machine World" magazine.  The column "Announced in TMW" refers to the month in which these particular issues were announced in the magazine.  This discography is believed to be complete.  However, I have yet to find any company records so it is possible there were a few additional releases not announced in TMW (for example the discovery of two different versions of 107-A).  Matrix number and label type information will be added as I get more examples.  Please help by sending me matrix or label information if you have any of these records.  Send information to
Click here for the Majestic 9.25" Record Discography
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It is still unclear where the recording took place for Majestic records or whether they ever used masters from other companies to make their records.  There is now evidence that makes it almost certain they did do their own recording. To date, with the matrix numbers I've found that have been used by Majestic no match has yet to be found regarding matrix numbers with other companies.  However, my research is far from complete and would be interested in any input from others.  Interesting to note is that many records I've found have no matrix numbers at all.  Could these be records made from other companies' masters?  Certainly, many of their artists were quite famous and recorded for many other companies.  Names such as Henry Burr, Dan Quinn and Arthur Collins are a few.

There is one artist, however, that I have yet to find any reference to anywhere else except on Majestic.  That is Lewis Dana Zeidler.  There could be others but Zeidler is the first I've come across.  There are three Majestic sides of his.  If anyone can find information on him elsewhere I'm interested to know. Having him only on Majestic would further prove that Majestic did at least some recording of their own music.  For more information on Lewis click on link below.
Discography Last Updated on November 16, 2010
By:  Glenn Longwell
Lewis Dana Zeidler