Cover of the Majestic Record catalog from November/December 1916.  This is the only known version of the catalog.  This catalog listed catalog numbers 101-165 for the 7 inch records and 2001-2020 for the 9 inch records.  It is 14 total pages including the cover and measures 5 1/8" x 6 3/4."  It is alleged that 50,000 of these were printed up. This example is a copy of one of the exhibits for the Majestic Record Corp. vs. Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. court case.  Unfortunately the copiers at the county clerk's office didn't reproduce this very clearly. Note the writing on it.  It states "Exhibit No. 3 annexed to affidavit of Jacques M Kohner."  Below are the 13 pages of record releases.

Information and images compiled by: Glenn Longwell


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