78 rpm Record Labels - Tops to Tru
Tops started in 1947 as a company that bought and sold used jukebox singles and was based in Los Angeles, CA.  It was started by Carl Doshay and Sam Dickerman.  In the early 1950s they began to press their own records featuring local unknown musicians playing knock offs of current hit songs.  Their overhead was low not using "real" talent so they sold the records cheaply in supermarkets, drug stores, etc.  Major labels would have a hit record on side A with a lesser song on side B.  Tops promoted their records as two hits on every record.  By the mid-1950s, after some experimenting with longer playing 78s they were able to put two songs per side and promote "4 Hits On Each Record."
Town & Country Record Co.  St. Louis, MO.  Date unknown, probably late 40s early 50s.
Triangle.  1922-25.  This record was produced by Bridgeport Die & Machine Company.
Trilon Record Mfg. Co.  Labels state Hollywood and San Francisco.
Tremont.  1924-1925.  Tremont was produced by Cameo Record Corporation.  It replaced the Muse label and was subsequently replaced by the Romeo label.
Triple A.  Cleveland, OH.  1950s.

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 9, 2010

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Trillblow Records.  1946 or 1947.  This label was used by Columbia (CBS) for release of the International Crepitation Contest.  This was halted before release but copies did end up circulating.  It was produced as two 12" records in a binder with cover art by Alex Steinweiss, which is shown to the right.  The signature he uses on the cover is "Joe Blow."  I have test pressings of this as well under www.majesticrecord.com/labelsspecial.htm