78 rpm Record Labels - Ta to Top

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 14, 2010.

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


TNT Records, Hi Tension Co.  This is a party record label and is post-WWII but don't know date.
Tennessee Records, Nashville, TN
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Talentoon.  1948. Effanbee Doll Co. New York, NY.  These were 10" records that came with a Marionette, called a TalenToy.
Teddy Bear.  1949.  8" children's record.  Manufactured by Lincoln Records, Inc. New York, NY.
Teichiku.  Teichiku Records Co. Ltd.  Nara, Japan
Timely Tunes.  1931.  This is an RCA Victor budget label selling for 35 cents.  They had a few of these budget labels that didn't survive long before Bluebird became their successful one starting in 1932.