78 rpm Record Labels - Pha to Pur
Photo & Sound Incorporated.  San Francisco, CA.
Phono-Cut.  Boston, MA.  1910-1913.  Probably the earliest example of a vertical cut record produced in the United States.  Similar to Pathe it required a sapphire point stylus.
Pic.  Pic Records Inc.  New York, NY.  1950s
Pied Piper. One of the Music You Enjoy childrens labels.
Pilotone.  By Pilotone Radio Corporation, Long Island City, NY.  Pilot manufactured radios but don't know the dates for their records or who may have manufactured them.
Prestige Record Co., New York, NY. Prestige was a jazz label founded by Bob Weinstock in 1949. This record was recorded January 23, 1951.  It is James Moody And His Band performing Embraceable You and Two Fathers.
Prom.  Manufactured by Prom Record Co.  Newark, NJ.  1950s.  The parent company was Synthetic Plastic Sales Corp. which also produced the Peter Pan record label.  The one on the left shows the manufacturer as Synthetic Plastics whereas the one on the right credits manufacture to Prom Record Co., both of Newark, NJ.
Puretone. 1923-1925.  This label was manufactured by the Bridgeport Die & Machine Company and is pressed in red shellac. 
Puritan.  1918-1927.  The Puritan label started out as a vertical cut record and converted to lateral in 1919.  New York Recording Laboratories (NYRL) was behind this label.  The first two examples are vertical cut and credit the United Phonographs Corporation of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Chair Company as was NYRL.  They also produced phonographs which is seen by the first record "Puritan Records and Phonographs."  The last one (left) was pressed by Bridgeport Die & Machine Company.
Puritone. 1918-19.  These were pressed for the Puritone Talking Machine Company by Operaphone and were from Pathe masters.  The records are vertical cut.

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on January 16, 2011. Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


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Playsong Record Co.  New York.  1948.  Children's 6.5" laminated cardboard picture disc.
Playerphone.  Chicago, IL. 1916. These were produced by Rex Talking Machine Company for The Playerphone Talking Machine Co. so is a vertical cut brand.  This particular example is 12" record. Playerphone produced phonographs as well.

Phonotype Record.  Italian label. This company was formed in 1901 by Raffaele Esposito and his son in Naples and is still around today.  They recorded many important Italian artists of the day.


Princess Sapphire Record.  1910-1911.  A vertical cut brand for the Sapphire Record & Talking Machine Company.  Metropolitan Tower, New York is listed on the label.
Phantasie Concert Record.  Phantasie was produced by several manufacturers.  The first was Lyraphone and is the first example shown here.  The label is damaged but it shows that it's a paste over of a Lyric lateral recording.  The catalog number of 15216 is 10000 higher than the Lyric catalog number of 5216.  Pseudoynms are used for the artists and the statement "Sings Exclusively for Phantasie Records" is declared on the label.  In this case the name is Thomas F. Jamieson.  On the corresponding Lyric release the real artist is Charles Hart.  It's hard to see but this label is a deep purple color.  The second example appears to be black but it's faded so not sure of original color.  However, this is Clarion pressing, which was their second source.  Omitted from the label now is the price and "sings exclusively" statement. Early Clarion pressings, however, can still show the "sings exclusively" statement.