78 rpm Record Labels - Pa to Pet
Par-O-Ket Record.  Produced by the Paroquette Record Manufacturing Company of New York founded by Henry Burr and Fred Van Eps. 1916-18.  These were 7" vertical cut discs selling for 25 cents at first and increased to 35 cents in August 1917.  The first sleeve is the early sleeve which lists the price at the bottom of "Twenty-Five Cents" and the second sleeve omits this.
Park Record Corp., Harrison, NJ.  This would appear to be part of the Waldorf (Music Hall) lineup run by Enoch Light, dating in the 1950s.
Party Records.  Matrix numbers are 2535 and 2536, titles are "Honeymoon" and "What an Insect."  Date ?.
Perfect Record Company, 1922-1938.  Perfect was a dime store label marketed by Pathe Freres through July 1929.  After that Perfect was part of the ARC lineup.  The first label, octagonal in shape, is from the 1922/23 period.  They then added the disc worshipping nudes.  The next two have slight variations in the border and the second adds the company name in the bottom. The next one has 'Electric' written above Perfect.  The next two have 'E' above the song title.  After that is the "Star Series."  Next are two black records with black labels, the second showing 'Electric' above Perfect but also a variation on the nudes picture. That's followed by a purple label electric.  The last label style, blue and silver, was used in 1937 and 1938.  This particular one is from 1938.
Peter Pan Records.  1950s.  Above.  This label was owned by Synthetic Plastics Corp.  Newark, NJ.  While the first three examples credit manufacture to Synthetic the one on the right credits General Moulding Co. of Newark, NJ.
Peter Pan Peanut Butter 7" promotional childrens record.  1955. 

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 14, 2010

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Pals Records.  Applause Record Co. Philadelphia, PA.  This appears to be related to Krantz Records so likely late 1940s.  Underneath Pals it says String Bands.
Panhellenion Record.  Panhellenion Record Co. New York.  Greek music label.  Don't know age of this, probably 1920s or 19-teens.  I have two examples of this brand.  Both have the same label type but the record styles are different implying possibly two different sources for pressings.  The one shown here has a recessed label area.  The other one does not and is a 5000 series catalog number.
Parade Record Co. Don't know location of this label.  However, I found it amongst a number of other Pennsylvania based labels and the band on this is the Phillie All Star String Band.  At the bottom of the record it states " 1948 S. Sarnoff"
Parade.  I don't believe this is related to other Parade label.  This is from the 1950s and has 6 songs per record.  All the songs are by the Hits A Poppin' Orchestra.  According to Gart's ARLD book Parade had a subisdiary label, Hits-A-Poppin'