78 rpm Records Labels - Bi to Bu
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Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010.

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


Bibletone.  1940s and 50s.
Big 4 Hits.  Cincinnati, OH.  1950s.  2 songs per side and use the term "extended play" on the record.
Black & White.  New York, NY. 1940s.  The 2nd record shows a recording date of 1-5-45.  The blue and white version is a children's record.
The Black Deuce.  This was a bootleg label from around 1950 that was used for this 3 record set of the Carnegie Hall concert with Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.  This is the first record in the 3 record set recorded September 29, 1947.  Personnel are Dizzy, Charlie, John Lewis, Al McKibbon and Joe Harris.  These records were sold "under the counter" at a few New York record stores.
Blue Ace Records.  Blue Ace was a jazz reissue label.  I'm unsure of date but probably late 40s.  This particular record is a resissue of Victor 26166, recorded in 1938.
Bluebird.  This budget label for RCA started in 1932 and was extremely successful.  From left to right the "buff" label, the "staff" label and then two versions of the later common label.  To the left is one listing the record as a "Fitch Bandwagon Special."  Fitch Bandwagon was an NBC radio show of the 30's and 40's.  The record is Deep In the Heart of Texas by Alvino Rey and his Orchestra.  Does anyone out there know the connection?  Please let me know.
Blue Ribbon Records.  1950s. Has three songs per side.
Bobolink.  Children's label from 1949.  Manfactured by Lincoln Records. New York, NY.
bona-fide.  Date ?.
Bornand Music Box Record Co., Pelham, NY.  This is from a 3 record album "Old Music Box Melodies."  It's R.B. No 3 Old Favorites from January 1947.  Inside the front cover of the album it explains the types of music boxes and related information.  These are recordings of the music played on music boxes.
Broadman Records. Nashville, TN.  1950s?  Manufactured by Word Records, Waco, TX.  See W labels for a Word label.  This was a religious label.
Bullet.  Produced by the Bullet Recording & Transcription Co.  Nashville, TN.  1940s and early 1950s.
Busy Bee Record, 1906-1909.  These records were produced by various manufacturers for the O'Neil-James Company of Chicago, IL.  This particular example is an early 7" single sided record.  The idea of both the center hole and the rectangular lug hole was the O'Neill-James sold phonographs with a lug on the turntable such that you could only purchase Busy Bee records to play on it.
Broadway. 1950s??
Broadway.  1921-1935. New York Recording Laboratory brand. The example on the left was pressed by Bridgeport Die & Machine Co. which produced this label up to mid 1925.  After BD&M NYRL took over production and the example on the right is from this time period.
Bop.  Bop Records.  Los Angeles, CA.  Late 1940s.  Catalog was acquired by Savoy Records.
B and M Aviaries. This is the type of record that makes label collecting a bit of a curse unless, of course, you have a Parakeet or Cockatiel, which I don't.  It's not a record to listen to for enjoyment - hearing words repeated over and over.  I figured I'd take a picture with the sleeve to make a bit more interesting to see.
Blue  Note.  Blue Note Records, New York, NY.  Started in 1939 this is a jazz label started by Alfred Lion.  A history of Blue Note can be found at http://www.bluenote.com/History.aspx.  This record by Ike Quebec is from 1946.
British Rhythm Society.  This is a jazz reissue label.  In spite of its name it was started by an American, Dante Bolletino, in 1950.