78 rpm Record Labels - Ba to Be

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 17, 2009

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Bell Record. 1950s.  The first example is a 7" record and probably dates to 1954.  The second is a 10" record.
These following five Bell records are from the same label that produced records between 1920 and 1928.  The three styles in the first row are of the earlier examples produced by the Arto Company for W.T. Grant Company dime stores.  The earliest of which contained the Bell on the label.  Later styles, like the following two examples were made after Arto's bankruptcy and produced under the direction of Bell Record Corporation and were likely drawn from masters of either Emerson or Regal.
Banner was a mid-priced label that ran from 1922-1935 and was originally produced for the Plaza Music Company.  It's history is a bit too extensive for this site.  The one on the far left was recorded in 1922, the 2nd one in 1924, the 3rd one from 1927, the 4th one from 1928, 5th (1st on next row) 1930 and the last one (red) from late 1934.  Note the last two no longer say Plaza Music Company as this is when American Record Corporation was producing this label.
Baton.  Baton Records, Inc., New York, NY.   1950s.
Bally.  Bally Recording Corporation, Chicago, Ill.  1950s.
BBS Records.  Philadelphia, PA.  1950s.  Manufactured and distributed by Palda Record Co.
Benida.  Manufactured by Benida Enterprises, Inc.  New York, NY.  1950s.
Berkshire.  Berkshire Records, Lennox, MA. 1950s.
Better Music For Young Folks.  New York, NY.  This has a copyright date of 1953 on it.  This was manufactured by RCA Victor.  This particular record is from a 6 record set.  It's classical music with commentary.
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Bandwagon.  Bandwagon Records, Inc.  New York, NY.  Late 1940s.
Banner Records, Inc. This is a late 1940's/early 1950s label not related to the above label. 
Beacon.  1940s and 1950s.  This was one of the labels run by Joe Davis.  The parent company was Davis Record Corp.
Bell Records.  Listed as 1658 Broadway, N.Y.C.  Copyright dates on these two records are 1945 and 1946.  This label was run by Benny Bell.
Beltona.  A British label that began in 1923 and continues today.  This particular example I believe is ca. 1949-1951.
Bethlehem.  Mid to late 1950s.  Acquired by King Records ca. 1961.
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Bell Records.  Honolulu, Hawaii.  ca. 1944-1950.  Then they were bought by United Artist.  This particular record is from ca. June 1947.  Thanks to Malcolm Rockwell for info, www.78data.com.
Banner Record.  1906-07.  Produced by Leeds & Catlin Company. 
Basque, Song of the.  This appears to be a one-off label and is from a 5 record album.  The album description says the songs were "collected and performed by Basque people for Music Week 1949, in Boise, Idaho, the site of the nation's first Music Week presentation."  There is no album number or anything written on the album to identify who pressed this.