78 rpm Records Labels - Ap to Az
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Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


Avalon.  Faysam Recording Co. New York, NY.  Don't know anything about this label.
Avis Records.  Los Angeles, CA. 1950's
The Atlantic Records label was started in 1947 by Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson in New York City.  The yellow label is a Jazz Series release by Erroll Garner from 1949.
Atlas.  Atlas Record Co.  Mid to late 1940s.  Formerly Premier Record Co.
Asch Records. Asch was started by Moses Asch. Exact dates I'm not sure about but they are from the first half of the 1940s.  Asch went bankrupt and in 1946 he started Disc Company of America.  After Disc went bankrupt he founded the Folkways label in 1949.
Arto Company.  Orange, NJ.  1920-23.  Early Arto releases were based on the universal cut, which this one is.  So this exmpale is from 1920.
Arrow Record Corporation.  New York, NY.  1950s?
Arka Co. (far left) and Arka Records (left).  The one on the far left is from New York, NY.  The other one says Made in Canada.  Both are ethnic records and can only assume they are the same company.  Came from the same collection.
Argee Records.  Don't know anything about this label.  This particular records states that it was recorded in Europe and Made in the USA and the song is Russian.
Aretino Record. 1907-1914.  Another Chicago based records with an odd sized spindle to match the phonographs they went with.  Phonographs were sold cheaply but could only play their own records insuring a continued reveue stream from record sales.  Aretino was the largest hole of these brands being 3 inces.  Others of the era included United, Standard, Harmony and Busy Bee.
ARCO.  Manufactured by American Record Company, Newark, NJ.  ca. 1950.  Not sure of range of dates.
ARA.  American Recording Artists.   Started by Boris Morros as American Recording Artists in 1944 but later shortened to ARA.  By October 1946 the company was bankrupt.  The first label, purple, was the first release.
Apollo.  Apollo Records, Inc. New York.  From mid 1940s and 1950s.  Apollo also distributed a number of other smaller labels.  One of the variations in their label that I only put one example of with the same color is "New York" being all capitals or not.  It's the last two examples and they even changed how they listed the music.  On one it's just the song and artist. The other has a complete list of musicians on the record.  Apollo had its roots at the Rainbow Music Shop in Harlam and the first example shows this on the label.
Atomic.  Hollywood, CA. The record states Trademark 1945.  Mid 1940s to 1950s.