78 rpm Record Labels - A to Ap

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010

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The American Record Company was around between 1904-07. They suspended operations after losing a patent infringement suit brought by Columbia. Both of these examples are 10 3/4."  In the example on the left, someone has cut out the spindle hole to 1/2" to fit a Standard machine.
Abbey.  Late 1940s and early 1950s.  The one on the left dates to 1950 and the one on the right is 1952.
Abbott.  Abbott Record Co.  Hollywood, CA.  1950s. 
A.B.C. Recording Co.  Do not know anything about this label but my guess would be 1950s.
ABC-Paramount.  Am-Par Record Corp. 1950s. 
Adelphi Record.  Transradio Music Inc.  New York City, NY. 
Admiral Record Co.  Possibly of Boston, MA??  Date??
Allen Records.  Early 1950s?
Aladdin.  Hollywood, CA.  Later half of 1940s and 1950s.  This particular example is from the "Jazz Series."
AMA Music Corp.  New York City.  1950s??
Adam Records, Inc.  New York, NY.  1950's.  Says on the label "Formerly Admiral Records, Inc."  I do not believe this is the same as the Admiral below.
Adventure Records. New York, NY. Children's label.  1946-1951.  First record is from 1946, second one from 1951.
Apex.  One of the Compo Co. labels from Canada.  The story of Compo is too extensive for this site.  It started in the 20s and was purchased by Decca in the 50s.  This particular record is from the 20s.
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Accent Records, Inc.  Hollywood, CA. 1950's
Ambassador.  Ambassador Record Co. Los Angeles, CA.  Late 1940s, early 1950s.  This particular example is from early 1950s.
Another American Record Corporation private pressing.  This one for Pomona College in Claremont, California on their 50th anniversary in 1937.  Songs are by the Women's Glee Club and the Men's Glee Club.
Amuke.  Owned by the Olekson Brothers and for at least part of their existence was pressed and distributed by Harmonia.  I've seen references for Amuke from 1947 to 1952.
Animal Records.  Label says "Licensee: Stapleton Industries, Inc., Cleveland, OH"  1950s.
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All-Star Record.  This is a vertical cut 8" record from around 1915-16 for the Standard Mail Order Co.
Allied.  Allied Record Manufacturing Co., Inc.  Hollywood, CA.  1950s.  This is a "Promotional Record."
Amaizo.  This is a custom pressing by the Consolidated Recording Corporation which was located in New York.  It is a 7" record.  Consolidated also produced the 7" Marathon label from the late 1920s and the style of this label of gold lettering on black background is similar.  Also, the finer groove and statement on the top of the label "Full Length Playing Time" is in line with the selling point of the Marathon brand.  Amaizo was a product line of American Maize-Products Co. making Amaizo Oil, syrups and starches, according to the sleeve.  On this recording are Fred Hall & His Orchestra with the flip side being Don Amaizo on violin.
Anchor.  Anchor Record Co. Newark, NJ.  1950s.  This record by Bill Harrington is from mid 1954.  By May of 1955 Bill had started his own label, Gibraltar, with Milt Ross.