78 rpm Record Labels - W

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 14, 2010

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


World Record from the World Phonograph Co., Chicago.  1918-1920.  World started out as a vertical cut label (left example) and eventually went to universal cut (right example).  The vertical records were produced by Pathe and the universal series was produced by Operaphone from Pathe master and duplicating material on Operaphone.
Word Records.  Waco, TX
Wallis Original Record Corporation.  Linden, NJ.  1950s.  All releases I've seen are from Ruth Wallis and are comedy/party songs, double entendre type stuff.
Waldorf Record Corp. The first records has them as Harrison, NJ and the second is Newark, NJ.  1950s.  This label was run by Enoch Light and many of the songs feature him and his orchestra.  Following are numerous labels from Waldorf.  First is Top Hit Tunes in four different colors.  Then comes 18 Top Hits in various colors, including one variation called "Bonus Selection."  This has songs all by one artist, in this case Dean Martin.  The final label is also a Bonus Selection.  However, the label title is the a description of the record.  In this case it's "A Tribute to Tommy Dorsey As Performed By His Alumni Band led by Bobby Byrne."  Last is another variation with country hits on Waldorf Music Hall.
Walt Disney.  Mickey Mouse Club.  Distributed by Am-Par Record Corp.
White Eagle.  I believe this to be late 1940s.
Willida Records.  New York, NY.  Late 1940s.  Children's records.
Windsor Records.  Temple City, CA.  1950s. (left)
Windsor.  Don't know date or location for this label. 

World's Greatest Music.  I don't know the full date range for this label but the blue label gives a copyright date of 1938 and the black label gives a copyright date of 1942.  A good article on this label can be found at http://www.mainspringpress.com/worldgreatest.html

The third example is of World's Greatest Operas.

Wagner Research Corp. New York, NY.  1952. Both of these images are the same record. This is a 6" record with the front almost fully covered with a label (no recording on this side) that lists "Santa's 10 Rules for Good Little Boys and Girls."  The flip side is a personalized Christmas wish for a child of a specific name, in this case Jay.  I don't know anything about how these records were distributed but the record is metal core like some of the home recording disks.  Note also that under the torn label there's also, in red writing, the name Jay so wondering if these were possibly made ahead of time in bulk.  Anyone out there know?
The World of Fun.  Distributed by Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, TN.  This is from a series of 12" recordings of international folk dances and games that came with a booklet.  The series started in 1947.