78 rpm Record Labels - O

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on December 5, 2010

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


The Oxford label ran between 1906-1916 and was sold by Sears.  This label replaced the Harvard label.  Subsequently, this was replaced by the familiar Silvertone label (see labels for letter 'S').
Operaphone.  1915-1921.  Operaphone Manufacturing Corporation and Operaphone Co. Inc. of New York, founded by John Fletcher. The first six label examples are from 8" records, all vertical cut.  The embossed labels are from 1915-6.  The three paper labels are from the 1916-18 time period. For a brief time in between they a version that looked like the paper labeled version but without a paper label.  The next two labels are also vertical cut records from Pathe masters from 1918-1919. The last three labels are from when they converted to the universal cut method and is from the 1919-21 time period and was produced from Pathe masters.  Last last two images are example of  8" sleeves, one shows the price of 35 cents and one does not.
Organ Rhythms.  Says on label it's produced by Skating Rhythms, Santa Ana, CA.  Probably early 1950s but could be late 1940s.
Olympic.  Olympic Disc Record Corporation.  New York.  1921-25.
Ozark.   Ozark Records. St. Louis, MO.  1950s.  C&W label.
Orpheum Record.  Orpheum Record Co. New York. Greek label. My guess is this is from the 1917-1919 timeframe and is related to the Panhellenion and Constantinople labels, which are both lateral cut. Looking at the record and the matrix numbers I'm going to guess this may have been pressed by Lyraphone Company of America (Lyric label) with an outside chance of Operaphone.  I would be interested in anyone has other examples and if they are lateral or vertical records.  Any history on this label would be greatly appreciated.
Old Timer.  Old Timer Record Co.  Phoenix, AZ.  1950s.  The label has a 1950 copyright on it which appears to be when they started and lasted through the 78 era.  They specialized in square and round dance records.