78 rpm Record Labels - J

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 14, 2010

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Jan.  Manufactured by Jan Records, Hartford, CT.  Date ??.
Jay Records.  Chicago, Ill.  Date ??.
Josie.  Josie Record Co. New York, NY.  Parent lable was Jubilee.  1950s.
Jubilee.  Jubilee Records Co. New York, NY.  Late 1940s and 1950s.  The last example is a DJ copy.
Jamboree Records.  New York, NY.  Mid 1940s into 1950s.  This particular record says it was recorded June 27, 1945.
Jewel.  Jewel Record Company.  Hollywood, CA.  Mid 1940s into early 1950s when the catalog was acquired by Savoy Records.  This first example is from their Gold Note Series.  The second example says Jade Series and the last one, one catalog number later by the same artist, Kay Starr, drops this name. 
Jade.  Don't know date or location of this.  However, when I purchased this at an estate sale it also came with a "Radio Recorders" record, which was out of Hollywood.  One of the songs on that record, "The Right to be Yours" is the same one that's on the reverse side of this Jade record.  It is by Ruth Gordon.  It also came with a Beverly Disc, see Miscellaneous labels, so I can only guess this might be a west coast label.
Jazz Man. Label started in 1941by Jazz Man Record Shop in Hollywood, CA.  The Lu Watters' record was recorded December 1941.  The second record, Kid Ory (number 24), was recorded in September 1945.
Joco. Northfield, MN.  This is from an album by Doc Evans that was released in 1950.
Jewel.  Jewel Record Company.  1927-1932.  This was pressed by Scranton Record Company for Regal and ARC.