78 rpm Record Labels - G

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010

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Ginn and Company Children's book on record.  Manufactured by RCA Victor.  This is from 1949.
Gala.  Gala Record Corporation.  New York, NY.  1940s.
Gateway.  Gateway Records.  Cincinnati, OH.  1950s.
Gee.  Gee Records.  New York, NY.  Late 1950s.  This hit from Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers is from 1956.  They were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.
Geniale Record.  ???.
Gilmar.  1950s.  For the examples I have there are three songs per side.
Gilt-Edge.  Los Angeles, CA.  Late 1940s and 1950s.  Parent company was 4-Star.  The first example of Cecil Gant is from 1945 and the second example is from ca. 1952.
General.  General Records, Division of Consolidated Records Co. New York, NY.  1940s.
Global.  Manufactured by Global Record Co.  New York, NY  Date ??.
Glory.  Glory Records, Inc.  New York, NY.  Late 1950s.  This record is from 1956.
Golden Records.  The most popular kids record on 78 rpm.  These started in 1948 and lasted into the 60s.
Goldmine Records.  Date ??.
Go-Lish.  Golish Record Co.  Harrisburg, Ill.  1950's
Gramophone Concert Record.  This is a British label and is the linked to Victor records sold in the U.S.  The comlete history is too extensive for this site.  This particular example is from late 1907 to early 1909 as it states the "Gramophone Company, Limited" on the label.  Previously it had been called "Gramophone & Typewriter, Ltd."  This is the parent company for the more popular "His Master's Voice" records that came after this label.   In this particular instance it's a Greek record.  At the bottom it says "Smyrne" which is where the recording took place.  For a good history on the labels of this company see Howard Friedman's articlar at http://www.musicweb-international.com/Friedman/page11.htm.
Globe.  1924 to about 1930.  This is one of the Grey Gull labels.
Gennett.  Starr Piano Company, Richmond, IN. 1917-1930.  Gennett's first releases were vertical cut records (not pictured here).  They converted to lateral cut in 1919. The blue examples below are circa 1921-22.  The red label 3000 series was introduced in 1925.  This record shows the release date of June 1926. Not sure of the date of the green label.  The last example is their "New Electrobeam" label introduced in January 1927 when they converted to electric recording, although not all records of this label are electrically recorded.  This record was part of that initial release in January 1927.  The first three images in the second row is from a Christmas Greetings record of 1923. They came in a gatefold sleeve.  The pictures show the front of the sleeve and the inside front which has the words to the prayer.  This particular example is by William Jennings Bryan.
Good Time Jazz. Started in 1949 by Lester Koenig and lasted through the end of the 78 rpm era and into the lp era.  The two examples here show different addresses in Los Angeles, CA.
Gold Seal.  Gold Seal Record Co. Chicago, IL.  Started in 1946.  Run by Leonard Klein.  The master for this particular record may have come from a defunct company Klein bought masters from in 1947.