78 rpm Record Labels - E

 Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010

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EP Records. Brooklyn, NY. 1950's label that followed the Tops lead in making records with 4 "hits" on each record by recording hits using lesser talent.
Eagle Records.  Hollywood, CA
Empire.  Empire Talking Machine Co. Chicago, IL. 1917-1920.  These are only the dates in which records were produced under the Empire name.  Empire was also a phonograph and parts manufacturer founded in 1915.  The first two records are vertical cut.  The vertical cut records were either from Rex/Imperial or Pathe masters.  The first one is Rex (I have the same exact record on Rex) from 1917 and the second one is from Pathe masters.  This particular example was released February 1919. The last two examples are universal cut.  The first one was pressed through Operaphone which was based on Pathe masters. To the left of the spindle hole it cites the Smallwood patent for universal cut. This example was released May 1920. The last example is from their waning days as a record label.  This particular example was released July 1920.  These last records, the red label series, were produced by Arto.  As with early Arto pressings it cites the J.K. Reynard patent along the bottom of the label.  This patent claimed a new type of groove althouth it is similar in principle to the universal cut in that the soundbox could be in either position to work for this record.
End.  End Records.  New York, NY.  Late 1950s.  This record was Little Anthony and the Imperials first record from 1958.
Enterprise Records, Inc.  Hollywood, CA.  This record is from the late 1940s.
Estamae's.  Pueblo, CO.  A children's record label from 1953 of "dances for young folk."
Elginola.  Elginola Talking Machine Corporation. 1916.  Elginola was incorporated in early 1916 as a producer of phonographs.  Their records were 8" Operaphone records with Elginola labels pasted over so catalog numbers are identical to the embossed label Operaphones.
Everybodys.  Everybodys Record Inc., New York, NY.  1924-25.  Produced by Bridgeport Die & Machine Company