Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010.

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78 rpm Record Labels - Com to Cos
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Comet.  This record is from July 1945 of Cyril Hanes Sextet with Don Byas. 
Concert Record. 1906-1908. Produced by Leeds & Catlin. 
Concert. 1916?  This is a 7" vertical cut record using Domino masters.  The two examples I have mix different Domino sides.  For instance this example, catalog number 555, uses 172-B and 167-B
Concertone Records.  Haven't learned anything about this label yet.
Connorized.  1921-1922.  Connorized manufactured piano rolls and in 1921 contracted Starr to produce discs for them.  Many, like the first example, were Italian records and many times they also stated the corresponding piano roll number on the record (2nd example).
Conqueror.  1928-1942.  Produced by Regal Record Company then the American Record Corporation for Sears.
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