My Phonograph Collection (continued)
Columbia Eclipse
Edison LU-37 Diamond Disc
Edison Amberola 30
Columbia Grafonola 50.  This was the successor model to the Grafonola Favorite and was introduced in 1915 for $50.
Shipping Crate for a Columbia Grafonola (a brown mahogany Console No. 239)
Victrola XI
Another Victrola XI - this one had been in the same flooded antique store as the Victrola 240.  This one had less damage but still required a lot of clean up
Sonora Troubadour - this is the machine that came with my first Majestic records, starting this whole journey of researching Majestic and building this website.
Sonora Troubadour
Pooley Record Cabinet
Columbia Eclipse showing decal
Edison LU-37 Diamond Disc
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Melodograph. ca. 1916-17.  Click on photo for more pictures.
Columbia BNW.  Introduced in 1909.  Click on the picture for more pictures.