78 rpm Records Labels - Ra to Res
Rama.  1950s.
Record Club.  1950s.  3 songs per side.  Made in Canada.
Record Guild of America, Inc.  1948-1954.  Children's records.  The first two are 10" examples and the last two are 6.5" picture discs.
Regent.  Regent Records. Elizabeth, NJ.  Late 40s and 50s.  It's parent label was Savoy.
Regis Record Corporation, Newark, NJ.  This label started in 1943.  Manor is an affiliated label that started later in the 1940's.
Religious Recording.  Detroit, MI.  Late 40s, early 50s.
Remington.  Remington Records.  1950s.  Low priced label run by Donald Gabor.  There is a website dedicated to this label at www.soundfountain.org/rem/dongabor.html

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 14, 2010

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Red Raven Movie Records.  Morgan Development Laboratories, Inc. Westport, CT. 1956-1961.  Children's record that came with a Magic Mirror to show the motion of the characters on the label.  This particular example is an 8" disc with the inner 6" being taken up by the label.
Radio Recorders.  Hollywood, CA.  Radio Recorders is a recording studio, not a record label like the others.  Other record labels had also used them for their west coast recording.  Radio Recorders got is start in the 1930s.  This particular record, I believe, is from the 1950s.  The song is the same that is on another record label shown on my site, Jade.  The song is "The Right to be Yours" by Ruth Gordon.  It came from the same estate sale.  Did Jade use Radio Recorders for their recording studio?  Anyone know?
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Resona.  1921-25.  Produced by several manufacturers for The Charles Williams Stores, New York, NY.  This example was pressed by Federal Record Corporation.
The Record Changer.  The Record Changer was a magazine for jazz record collectors in the 40s and 50s.  They had lists of records for sale, jazz articles, record reviews, etc.  This record, is from the first place winners of the second annual Jazz Band Contest.  The bands needed to be amateur status and not have recorded before.  The Empire State Jazz Band won and was able to record this record.  Click on the label for a view of the article in the January 1951 Record Changer magzine telling the story.