78 rpm Record Labels - M to Mer
MacGregor.  Hollywood, CA.  1950s.
Madison Record Co., 1926-1931.  This is one the Grey Gull related labels.  This particular record was recorded in June, 1926.
Magnolia Records Company, Hollywood, CA.  This label was owned by Horace Heidt.  Not sure of date but at least 1940s.
Majar Disc Inc.  1950s.  White label is a DJ sample.
Majestic.  Majestic Phonograph Co., Inc. and Majestic Record Corporation.  1916-17.  This label was the original reason for this site being  built.  The 78 rpm label gallery was an afterthought!  Click on "Majestic Home" link at top of page for complete history of this company, discography, etc.
Majestic Records, Inc.  Subsidiary of Majestic Radio & Television Corporation.  New York, NY.  This is the "other" Majestic and not related to the Majestic for which I did the research on (actually there's another, from the 20's, for which I do not have an example).  This is a mid to late 1940's label that saw its demise in 1948.
Major Records.  Manufactured by Thomas J. Valentino, Inc.  New York, NY (left).  Major was known for making sound effects records.
Manor Record Company.  First records shows Clark Record Co., Newark, NJ.  Second records shows Manor Record Company, New York, NY.  A 1940s record label. 
Mars. 1950s.  Manufactured by Hollis Music, Inc.  New York.  The label was owned by Woody Herman and all releases I've seen are of Woody Herman and The New Third Herd.  The first release was July/August 1952.  This disc, M-300 was their second release in August 1952.
Merry-Go-Sound.  Tone Products Corporation of America.  NY.  1947.
Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on December 5, 2010.

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


 Mardi-Gras Records.  New York, NY. 1950s.
Media Records.  Philadelphia, PA.  ca. 1955-56.  This record is from 1955.
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Mercer Records.  New York, NY. ca. 1950-1952, distributed by Prestige Records.  This label was run by Mercer Ellington, son of Duke Ellington.
Melrose.  Melrose Record Co. Brooklyn, NY.  Mid to late 1940s label.  This particular record by "Hot Lips" Page was released February 1946.
Melodograph Record.  Melodograph Corporation. ca. 1916-17.  This is a 7" vertical cut record pressed by Domino. 
Melodisc.  1920-21.  These were 7" discs pressed by Emerson.  This particular example is a universal cut record and shows the patent for it on the label.
Manhattan Record. 1909-1915.  Produced by Columbia for three retailers, all listed on the label - Simpson Crawford Co., Siegel Cooper & Co. and Henry Siegel Co.  This particular example is a single sided record.
Melotone. 1930-1938.  Melotone was produced by Brunswick/American Record Corporation.  These particular records are from 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937.  The last two use a common ARC numbering system that tells the date. The Leadbelly disc (6-04-55) is the 55th release of April (04) 1936 (6).
Marspen.  British made.  1920s.  Made for Marks & Spencer stores which is where the name comes from.  This particular example is a children's record of nursery rhymes and is 5 3/8."  Not even children's records were politically correct (by modern standards)! 
Marconi Velvet Tone Record.  1907-08.  This is a Columbia product, flexible record made in 10" and 12" sizes.  Most are single sided.  This was a premium priced record that should have been used with a special gold-plated needle.
Master.  Master Records, Inc.  1937.  Pressed by Brunswick.  Master was owned by Irving Mills and is related to the Variety label, also from 1937.  Rights of at least some of this material was passed to Columbia and was repressed on the red label Columbias.  These are distinguished by the statement "Produced by Master Records, Inc." underneath the catalog number.
Medallion.  1919-1921/2.  Produced by Emerson for Baldwin Piano Company.
Melodia.  I'm a bit unclear on this label but appears it's a U.S. based label from the 1950s making Polish recordings.
Mambo Extended Play Records.  1950s.  The examples I have feature a lot of Tito Puente, a prolific mambo recording artist.
Mero.  Mero Records, Inc.  Late 1940s label.  I can find references to 1948-49 wih this particular records from late 1948.