78 rpm Record Labels - I

 Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on April 2, 2010

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Imperial.  1917-1918.  Imperial Talking Machine Company.  Imperial was apparently the successor to the Rex Talking Machine Corporation records and are also vertical cut.  Imperial also produced their own line of phonographs.  Interestingly, the price on both sides of the record have been scratched out as they probably were selling this for more than what was originally printed on the label.  This is unrelated to the label below.
Imperial.  This is a UK label.  Unsure of date.
Imperial Records (below).  Listed as either Los Angeles, CA or Hollywood, CA.  Late 40s into the 50s.
International Sacred Recordings.  Hollywood, CA. 1950s.
Intro Records.  Manufactured in Hollywood, CA according to label.  1950s.
Irene Records.  Date?
Italdisc.  Italdisc Distrib. Co., Inc. New York.  Date ?.
Immortal.  Superior Record Company, Inc.  Gives a copyright date of 1941.  Says on the label "Selections from The Golden Library of Music."