78 rpm Record Labels - Dil to Dur
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Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 30, 2010.

Please email if you have questions, corrections or comments on anything you see.  Thanks.


Disc.  This is from the Disc Company of America, a label started by Moses Asch in 1946 after his original Asch label went bankrupt.  After Disc went bankrupt he started Folkways Records. These two examples are a Woody Guthrie disc from an album titled Ballads From the Dust Bowl and Meade Lux Lewis from Boogie Woogie at the Philharmonic.
Discos Cafamo.  Date ??.  Label states Radio Electronic Corporation, S.A. San Nicolas 360 Habana Cuba
Diva.  1927-30.  One of the Columbia budget labels and was produced for W.T. Grant stores.
Dixie.  Late 1950s label that was a subsidiary of Starday.  Examples I've seen contain three songs per side with one of the songs being by George Jones.  This is no different but the song is on the reverse side that is not shown. Starday started in Beaumont, TX in 1952, then moved to Los Angeles when purchased by Hollywood Records. Starday was then moved to TN in 1957 and this is the timeframe of the Dixie label.
Dootone Records.  Los Angelas, CA.  1950s.
Dot Records, Inc.  Left record shows location of Gallatin, TX.  Right record shows location of Hollywood, CA.  1950s.
D&R Record.  Chicago, IL.  1908-1912.  This particular record was produced by Columbia although earlier examples were produced by Leeds & Catlin.
Duke.  This label began in 1952 in Memphis, TN.  Don Robey bought part ownership of it in late 1952 and moved it to Houston.  Both of these labels refer to Houston. The one on the right also states that it as a Peacock Records Affiliate.
Durium.  Made in England.  Date ?.
Domino.  Domino Phonograph Corporation. New York. 1916.  This is a 7" vertical cut brand.  Pressings from Domino have also been used for labels on my site, Concert and Melodograph.
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Dilila. Pittsburgh, PA.  Don't know date range for this label but this record by the Frank Petty Trio was released late February or early March 1950.  Within a couple weeks it was announced that MGM was acquiring the sides and released it the same month on MGM 10669.
Domestic.  Domestic Talking Machine Corp. Philadephia, PA. 1916-1918.  This is a vertical cut label producted by a few manufacturers.  The company was founded by Horace Sheble of Hawthorne & Sheble and produced a line of phonographs. The first type of record is a 7" record produced by Domino (the Domino just below) and this is an example to the left.  Operaphone produced their next series of 8" records.  By September 1917 they had announced their own 10" and 12" records were to be delivered with the 10" ready in October.  The November Talking Machine World listed the first releases.  There were several 12" releases showing 3 songs per record.  By the end of January 1918 Horace Sheble stepped down from Domestic and later that year the company was gone.  I would be interested in anyone has examples of the 8, 10 or 12" records.