78 rpm Record Labels - Da to Dia

Labels compiled from the collection of Glenn Longwell.  Page last updated on November 15, 2010

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De Luxe Records, Linden, NJ.  1940's & 50's.
Dandy.  Mid 1920s record label produced by Scranton Button Company drawing on Emerson Recording Labs material.
Della.  Hollywood, CA.  1950s
Diamond Record Co., Chicago, IL.  1906-16.  A larger spindle (1/2") record.  This particular record was produced by Columbia (you can see the Columbia patent dates on the record) although not all Diamond records were.  They started out being pressed by Leeds & Catlin.
Dawn.  Division of Seeco Records, Inc.  New York, NY.  1950s.
Debut.  Manufactured by Allegro Music, Inc.  New York, NY.  Date ??.
Diamond Record Corporation.  New York, NY.  Late 1940s and 1950s.  The example on the right is one of the four known children's records put out by Diamond.
Dartmouth Records.  This record is the Dartmouth College Glee Club of 1923 and his No. 5 and 6.  So I would assume there were other records pressed as well.  It refers to the Morrill Allen Gallagher Memorial Fund, 165 Hudson St., N.Y.C.
Dance-Tone.  Dance Tone Record Co.  Green label says Medford, MA and blue label says Revere, MA. Late 1940s.  The blue Phil Reed record was release Aug/Sept 1949.
Delta.  This recording is from 1940 of Kid Rena's Jazz Band.
Deed Records.  Chicago, IL.  Company was formed Sept. 1954. Ralph Conrad was the President. This record by Rita Raines is from early 1956.  Company seems to have ended sometime in 1956.
Damon.  Damon Recording Studios, Kansas City, MO.  President was Vic Damon.  Late 40s into the early 50s.  This particular record is from early 1948.
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Dee Gee. Early 1950s. Dee Gee was started by Dizzy Gillespie and Dave Usher in early 1951 with their first release in April of that year.  This particular record, 3605, by Dizzy Gillespie and Joe Carroll was released April 1953.  Interesting to note that 3604 and 3606 were both released in 1951.
Derby.  Derby Records Corporation, New York, NY.  Started in 1949 by Larry Newton.  Derby filed for bankruptcy in October 1953.  Derby's masters were purchased by Eli Oberstein.  The Freddie Mitchell disc, pink label, was released in 1950.  The Bob Carroll disc was released December 1952.
Dana.  Dana Music Company, New York, NY.  Dana was started in 1946 by Walter Dana.  The label lasted through the 78rpm era.  Dana was a major force in bringing Polish and polka music to the masses and introducing many polka stars like Frank Wojnarowski, who's record on the left is from 1947.
Dial.  Dial Records was started in 1946 by Ross Russell.  In July 1949 it was announced that they purchased the Comet catalog.  This particular record of the Red Norvo All Stars was a result of that purchase coming from the Comet material and was released in January 1950.  Dial was sold in 1955.